[Travels] Back in Santiago

I am back in Santiago, Chile.
It is colder than in France (it is winter here) but not as cold as I expected: I came back home in Tee-shirt, my whool pullover in the backpack and my winter jacket at the office.

My eyes were etchy and I had a light headache, but I would rather blame the lack of sleep (4h in the plane) than the pollution : the air seemed reasonably clean on my first day back (even though there was this  HUGE column of smoke next to the airport : I assume it is water?). 

The university students have been on strike for the whole month that I was abroad, my preparations for a final exam / social event on the day after my return were not needed: we don't know when this will happen. I found surprising announcements on the public board! (I found Chile to be very conservative sexually speaking, hence my surprise and curiosity regarding this kind of announcements.) 
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