[Thoughts] Y.A.N.A.

1) Do you recognize yourself in these words?

I wanna have control
I wanna a perfect body
I wanna a perfect soul

What the hell am I doing here?
I don't belong here

2) Do you know a song with those words?

- The song has been described as expressing 'self-lacerating rage'.
- You can play this recent reprise.
- You can read the lyrics.

3) Do you know how popular the song has been?

- "Towards the end of 1992, DJ Yoav Kutner played (it) incessantly on Israeli radio."
- It's like if many people had those words in their mind, on their heart, running in a loop, connecting deeply to this song.
- The song has two characters: the "special" and the "creep", the "beauty" and the "beast". Anyone connecting with the "creep" is also so very "special".

Y.A.N.A. = You Are Not Alone

Even if you feel like a creep.
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