Careful with that knife TNT!!!

One of my cousin works at a butcher's shop. So of course I drew her a butcher TNT on a cutting board :)

I did not like my first draw, so I erased it entirely and restarted it from scratch. I voluntarily overdrew it, having a part of the drawing on the knife, filling all the space available: it seems to me that it corresponds better to the "chibi" style this way, something which I felt important since the knife might not be too kawai :/

I like the final results. My cousin too, she said she would not dare to use it for fear of damaging it! In the future I should always offer two art present: one visible and one wrapped, with instructions that they cannot open the second one till they broke the first one. This way they will have an incentive to use the first one (seeing the second one), to compete with the incentive not to use it (out of "respect" for my present. I want people to use my presents! I want them to have beauty in they life, nice glasses and tools and stuff all around them!

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