Codecrafter and "Hooks" to Computer Science.

I finished the novel "Codecrafter" in two days and liked it a lot: I think that not only young girls, but also computer aficionados and pedagogues, would find it interesting. You can get it through the author's webpage: http://www.ericasandbothe.com/.

Erica introduced in very few pages some mathematics principles (induction and pigeon hole principle) and a few programming principles (libraries, compilers and file permissions), and weaves them very cleverly in the story line, such that those are not merely background material but key elements of the story (e.g. the heroine escapes her enemies thanks to her understanding of the pigeon hole principle, and causes trouble because of properties of a Unix-like permission system of files).

It is definitely NOT an introduction to programming or computer science, rather just a hook, and definitely not sufficient by itself to "seduce" little girls to computer science, but it's a nice demonstration that such hooks are possible and attractive. I hope it will inspire many projects among the same line, and that I might make the time to draw a short comic book story inspired by Erica's story and/or universe....
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