TNT and Today's peace

My mother is easily worried. I found this quote on the web and sent it to her via our shared Dropbox folder, and forgot about it. She liked it so much that she asked me to write it on a wood spoon. I told her that the text was a bit too long for a spoon, so she brough me... a cutting board :)

My mother had complained about the knife falling from the other cutting board when one admired the drawing, so I reversed the design for her, and did not draw on the knife this time.

As for the previous one, I enlarged the eyes to make it more "chibi", and left simplistic hands to not take away the attention from the text. TNT looks like she is wearing gloves, but at least people focus on the essential!
I like the result a lot!!!

And it fits very well in the kitchen with the wordy wood spoons =OD

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