TNT Messages

In this age of instant communication via electronic media, I still like to send postcards across the world, something for people to hang on their desk or fridge to make them feel warm and think of me when their eye fall on it. Yet I am always at a loss when I have to write on the postcard, given that everything worth saying has often already be said electronically. So I draw instead, changing the postcard into a small token of my affection, a small present without wrapping paper but a cute little girl instead.

I have trouble imagining TNT speaking: she would have to stop smiling to be able to say a word or two!!! She expresses herself in a non-verbal form by her posture and her large smile, yet sometime it seems that you need words: I found that making her wearing a sign permits the use of words, yet forces me to chose them wisely and make them few!

I can even make TNT carry two signs, with the main message on the largest, and a secondary message on a more discreet sign. The secondary sign is in bias, which I think will force the viewer to read it after the other one, and to give it less importance.

From the postcard to a small note, I drew this one and hid it in my mother's purse the evening before her final day of exams at the university, for her to find in the morning when leaving. She found it in the evening when preparing her bag for the next day, but liked it anyway, and kept it with her all day long as a good-luck charm. Kawai!
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