TNT with glasses looks more clever?

One of my uncles asked how long each drawing was taking me. I had no clue! I guess it changes from one drawing to the other, whether I have a precise idea of what I want or if I am searching for the inspiration, or if I get luck with a random strike of the pencil which I choose to keep. But for the sake of the discussion, I made a drawing in front of him, inspired by the glasses of my aunt.

The drawing itself did not take more than 10mns, and the inking sligthly less. In the end I wish I had taken more time, if only because the breast look a bit odd!

In the end, the most frustrating part is to erase the construction lines without damaging the paper! Luckily the vectorisation (is that a word?) of Inkscape is good at taking care of that: I just have to learn the other tools from Inkscape now :)

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