Where to spend my Sabbatical?

In the book "Brain Rules for BABIES", the author John Medina insists among other things about the importance of making children feeling safe for them to correctly develop their brain and learn optimally. Reading the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, the fictional notes of a politician on Mars (The martians 4, by Kim Stanley Robinson, chapter 14) and other stories made me think repeatively about the importance of a stable, safe, life (and work, for when the distinction makes sense) environment in enabling adults and children alike to be creative.

I will have the opportunity to take a sabbatical leave next semester, and I wonder where to spend it: in Paris, France, with the opportunity to see my family more often; in Waterloo, Canada, with the opportunity to discuss with colleagues more often; in Santiago, Chile, with a life already optimized?

My objectives will be to extend my previous short (2 pages) survey on adaptive (analysis) of algorithm and reduce my many time started book on the same topic into a full-lenght journal survey/introduction; finish the (too many) journal versions pending on adaptive algorithm, in parallel with the writing of the survey; work on instance optimal results (still completing the survey). Which place will let me reach the best balance?
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