Earthquake / Tremblor

I feel often the ground shaking, mostly because of the big construction site next to my office, the big trucks passing in the street next to my apartment, or because of the big parking behind the supermarket where I usually go.
I can only guess that the fact that the building are earthquake proof means that they are more flexible, more likely to oscillate than to "take it in".

And many, many, many times I wonder if it is the beginning of a big earthquake. Or if my blood pressure is so high it makes me feel shaking. Or if I am imagining things. Not to the point of panicking, but making me a bit nervous, and disrupting my thoughts.

Yesterday was another occurrence. I was in bed, and felt shaking, and I couldn't decide if it was one of those small earthquakes they call tremblors or my muscles having small spasms. The reports didn't say anything so I went back to sleep. But this morning, the reports state that there was a shake in San Antonio, less than 100kms from where I leave: was not my imagination after all...
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