[Perso] Indian Shopping and Party

Yesterday I had an "Indian party", in the honor of my new neighbors, two Indian girls studying engineering, and a couple of friends, Rohit and Aradhana. I had also invited a few Indian and non-Indian friends. I bought a pressure cooker to cook the lentils in reasonable time, and with Rohit and Aradhana we went shopping at an Indian shop for basic ingredients, I discovered the Asafoetida Powder, and rediscovered the Black cardamom (I think Fefe introduced me to it a long time ago). Of course after that we were late and Aradhana cooked very fast, so I am not sure I took note of everything! The only thing I will certainly be able to redo is Mango Lassi. We did it with some mango paste mixed with yogurt and ice cubes, with just a little bit of sugar and milk: passionately good :) We chatted a lot, and played with my many toys, from balloon that you can sculpt, juggling stuff, and magnetic pieces that you can combine to build many geometric structures, mostly from Geomag.
It is just a set of metal balls and cylindrical magnets (coated in colorful plastic), but I was impressed by the possibilities. It is a good toy to learn some rules of magnetism, such as how to totally short-circuit the magnetic forces, or to build a system in oscillation using the gravity and the magnetic repulsion... It is more stimulating for the imagination than the legos of my childhood! I think that people had a lot of fun, I got to know my new neighbors, today it's the time to clean everything and to go to the University Fair in Toronto...
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