[Drawing] Pirate flag

This morning I was inspired to draw a Pirate flag caricature of myself. Here it is:

Beside the sharpie pen and the musical note representing my pleasure at drawing and playing music, and the red nose and crazy hair escaping a crazy hat, it has also an eye bigger than the other, a protuberant jaw and a crooked teeth (as I do). But maybe I am the only one seeing those characteristics in me! 

Here are the intermediary drafts:
The light table that I designed and built was very useful to duplicate the drawings so that I would keep a copy of the intermediate steps of the creation! 
Here is the summary of a morning's work:

Next step: reproducing it on a tee shirt, on a glass, on a metal mug, or even on a real flag! 

  I wonder if people would buy such stuff, if the flag was a caricature of themselves or of the friend to whom they wish to offer the object. Selling it in the street would require to draw faster and to do many less details, but I don't imagine people ordering it on the Internet... 

What do you think? 
Would YOU order a pirate flag caricature, or other types of caricatures (e. g.  penguins)? 
How much would you pay for it on a glass? On a metal mug? On a A4 size flag? On a Tee-shirt? Would you pay for it to be shipped from across the world? Or just for the digital design,  that you could have printed on stickers and tee shirts, and put on your website and use as an avatar on your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Diaspora ?  
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