[Cooking] Winter Pies

I woke up at 5:30 full of energy, worked 1.5h, and felt exhausted and cold and depressed, yet unable to sleep... The remedy: pinging on Skype each of my brothers, putting music on louder than usual (not so loud as to wakeup the neighbours who parties all night!), and baking pies to warm up the appartment (it's winter in the South Hemisphere).

I made a Mango pie with the last can of Mango pulp that my PhD students brought me from Cuba. Drew what I remembered to be the symbol for Homesick in Mandarin (turned out that I  remembered  wtong...). It looks good! 
I made a Lemon pie with some lemons and oranges that where hanging around: my neighbour Gloria had requested one for her birthday anniversary, which is today. Turns out that she is not there, she went to visit her family out of Santiago: I will make her another one another day... 

Now, to find people to help me to eat those pies! 
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