[Metal Etching] JyBy's pirate flag

Today, I etched my Pirate flag on a metal mug:

Rather than to directly  redo the drawing on the mug, I decided to make a pochoir:
I then fixed the pochoir on the mug with rubber bands to copy the drawing:
That gave me the bases of the  drawing, with little to no distortion :
Then I redrew above what I had copied, to correct the distortion and improve the drawing:
Without forgetting to write my email address on the bottom, so that if (when?) I forget it somewhere, the person who finds gets some help if he/she desires to return it to me! 
The mug new cost 7000 Chilean pesos, or 11 USD. I spent two half days doing the design and etching. I wonder how much artists would sell such things, including the personalized design? 
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