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Calende en Oaxaca
J'ai ete a Oaxaca au Mexique, et je me suis bien amuse, revu de vieux amis et m'en suis fait de nouveaux. I went to Oaxaca in Mexico, and I had a lot of fun, music, and old and new friendship. Me fue a Oaxaca en Mexico y tuve mucho placer, musica, amigos antiguos y nuevos.
Calende en Oaxaca
Des filles mexicaines que je ne connaissai pas ont demande a etre prises en photo avec moi! :) Some mexican girls whom I did not know asked to be taken in picture with me! :) Algunas chicas mexicanas que no conocia me preguntaron para tomar una foto conmigo! :)
J'ai aussi pris quelques bonnes photos. I took some pretty good pictures too. Tambien, tome algunas buenas fotos.


daveagp said...

Oaxaca's allegedly one of the food capitals of Mexico, did you eat anything special?

jyby said...

Dave: Mole Chicken(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mole_(sauce)), enchiladas, some fresh meat cut very thin grilled at the market, mezcal cream and liquor and... Hot Chocolate!

My favorite were the enchiladas: the mole and the hot chocolate were not strong enough for my mouth used to 75 to 88% cacao chocolate ;)

daveagp said...

Awesome, your stomach is very smart! Keep up the good work, both of you!