Morning Art

I had a stupid nightmare, I was stuck in a world with my clarinet, supposed to have a fight with someone I did not know. I wanted to escape but could not, when I woke up. I had this drawing in my mind when I woke up, and drew it even before taking breakfast. While uploading it there was an earthquake, the building oscillating for five good minutes. Another thing I will have learned here, to ignore the small worries such as this one, an earthquake so minor people don't even talk about it in the newspapers. If I publish this drawing it should not worry people: I just am better when I put on paper what I feel. Also, I find it beautiful, and I wonder how many people will recognize themselves in it as much as I do...

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This morning I was supposed to go early to administrative offices to renew my visa. I woke up at 7am, it is now 10:30am, I am still in pajama in front of my computer, I did not see the time fly as I drew this, as I cooked a full breakfast, ate it, thought about the earthquake and wrote a note to someone who might never read it, because I might never send it, because I hate when I send her news and she does not answer. I had another drawing in my head, the same as this one, but with curtains over the jail, curtains made of fake hair, so that people cannot see nor hear the little guy in my head. Now it is 11:11am and I drew it, now I will finally go take my shower and go to wait in line to renew my visa, and go to the university to see talks, trying to hide as I can the little man trapped inside my head...

The masked
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