[Art] Two glasses with "Le Petit Prince"

Lastly, I etched to glasses with drawings of "Le Petit Prince".

The first one, I made for A., who helps me to clean the appartment when I want it extra-clean:
(I had made for her previously a plate with a carricature of "Ana Gabriela", her favorite singer.)

The second one, I made for Lissette, a friend from the university:

Both drawings and the quote are from "Le Petit Prince" (of course).
  • The first drawing figures the little Prince discovering other roses than his own, and what makes his own rose more important.
  • The second drawing figures the little Prince on the top of an old wall, while discussing with the snake, arguing that this was not exactly the place, nor the time, to die.
  • The quote is from the aviator, after recovering the little Prince from the wall. The aviator, recovering from his fright and seeing the little Prince also white faced, says "And now, I did not dare to ask him anything anymore" (more exactly, "Et maintenant, je n'osais plus rien lui demander.").

I had not engraved glasses for a while, and suddenly I do many (for Christmas, for end of year events). I should do it more regularly, it is a kind of meditation!
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