[Art] Engraved Glasses for Equipo TiL

I made a glass for each member of the team for TiL 2016. Each of the glass figures the name of the project, "Teaching is Learning", and the year, 2016:

There were Yarka and Milan, the two siblings who did the heavy work for interacting with the high schools and organizing the final event:

There were Jocelyn and Gustavo, my co-directors, to whom I delegated a lot of work, and who replaced me when I was travelling:

There were Jorge and Andrea, my two chief auxiliares and software developpers:

There were Anita and Melina, who took charge for the pedagogical validation (and took extra some follow-up with professors!)L

There was Damir, who is realizing the video documental of the project, which I hope to be key to future iterations of the project, to convince other high schools to participate, pedagogues to join, and funding agencies to fund!

And there was Blanca, the one who had the real power on the project all along, who managed the accounting, put me in contact with providers, gave me advice, and without whom the project would have "fracassed" several times over:

Of course, such presents does not make up for all the times that those people had to work over-time because of problems in the project, but I hope that it shows my appreciation of their hard work!
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