[Glass Etching] Prizes EI2001 2016

At the final event of my course about pedagogical animations, each student choose to improve by themselve one video that they did in group during the semester, and the students choose themselves the three best such videos of the semester. This year, this final event will be in early July on [2016-07-07 Thu], the day after I come back from a month-long trip to the other side of the world: I made sure to have the prizes for the final event, and the presents for my five amazing Teaching Assistants who will be managing the course while I am away, before I leave. I used a similar theme to the one I used last year for the "Pedagogical" prizes of the TUApp 2015 event, some owls, symbol of wisdom in antique Greece.

Here is an example of one of the prizes given to the students. The typo is not voluntary (it should be "Pedagogical Animation" or "Animaciones Pedagogicas", not "Pedagogical Animacion"), and I could still correct it, but I am thinking about letting it in: it is typical of the course after all, with my English getting mixed with my Spanish...

This year I am relying even more than usual on my Teaching Assistants, so they deserved special attention (that, plus Jorge, who was my T.A. last year, complained that he received "only" a box of chocolates when he was hoping for an etched glass ).
So here is my thank you to Natalia:

Here is my thank you to Jorge:

Here is my thank you to Tiare:

Here is my thank you to Isidora:

Here is my thank you to Eduardo:

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