[Drawing] Prisoner in the eye

I can't remember exactly the first time I drew this motif of a prisoner inside the pupil of the eye of a clown, but it must have been while studying for my Ph D in Paris. I used the motif  again when I was in Waterloo, and again, in glass and in copper while living in Chile. 

Each time, there was this feeling of being trapped in obligations and expectations, from the society, from people around me, from my past self and more importantly from my imaginary future self. As for all those people who end up prisonner of the image that they so painfully created. 

But the drawing stands to say that in the end, most of us are only prisoner of ourselves, and it is only up to ourselves to open the cage and let ourself free to follow whichever path we fancy. which is not to say that the path is easy to choose ('just listen to your heart!', bah !), but merely that the choice is always here, at every moment, and that the constraints of continuity are there only to save time, otherwise lost in perpetual self questioning... 
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