[Travel] Barcelona

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A few pictures from Barcelona, which I visited last week for CPM. Many more pictures on Flickr, just click on this one. Many thanks to Nicolas who organized most of the trip, and to Alexis who received us in his "Spanish Hostel", it was much nicer (and cheaper, for my meagre grant) than the hotel and I discovered an aspect of Barcelona that I would have missed otherwise ;) The conference itself was great, I met many interesting people (Sadakane, Navarro, Crochemore) but I am even more happy to have discovered the beauty of this city. I would be happy to come to work for one year there, as suggested by Conrado Alvarez during his visit in Waterloo :D
IMG_1336.JPGIMG_1313.JPG Merci Nicolas et Alexis! IMG_1283.JPGIMG_1345.JPG Quelques architectures sympas. IMG_1295.JPGIMG_1296.JPG Et bien sur, la Sagrada Familia


bennyben said...

Waaah la classe :)
Tu es rentre a Waterloo ?
Fallait faire un passage a Rome, je t invite ! :)

a presto,

jyby said...

Y avait une conference a Venise cette semaine,
c'etait pas l'envie de passer en Italie qui me manquait!

Comme toujours, c'est l'amour de mes etudiants qui m'a ramene chez moi: ils me perdront ces cherubins :D

Mais je ferais un grand tour d'europe en Decembre notemment, avec peut-etre une escale a Barcelone, et pourquoi pas a Rome, alors equie ton nouvel appartement!