[Santiasco] Making plans to "evacuate"?

It has been a terrible month regarding the air quality in Santiago, but the predictions from http://aqicn.org/ for next week are even worse:

I feel constantly tired and headachy, a bit less so in the room with the air cleaning machine (a ionizer), various (three!) water fountains to humidify the air of the appartment, and recently purchased air cleaning plants, but it's not really idead to work and focus on doing research, which should be my main activity during the Chilean summer without teaching.

Some people lost their house to the fires, and among those who did not, there are still some in a worse position than mine: the air in the places closer to the forest fires is labelled as "Very Unhealty" by http://aqicn.org/.

If the predictions from http://aqicn.org/ concretized, I am planning to go to visit some friends on the coast. Viña del Mar is very tempting!

Evacuating is getting even more complicated because I had volunteered to receive in my appartment some people who lost their house to the fire... I will see. Maybe I can evacuate them with me :)
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