[Santiasco] This year will be worst than the previous one

They said last year that the winter 2015 was the worst since 1995. It seems to me that the winter 2016 will be worse: I already lost count of the number of alerta and pre Emergencias, and we are not even yet in Winter! 

I am glad that I am travelling in places with a better air, but a bit worried for my friends in Santiago and other cities of Chile: I never saw the "very unhealthy: tag before on this application:

Note: it is the very  first time that I see the label "hazardous":

Note also how the people from LAS CONDES might have the information that their air is "bueno" by Chilean standard when it is "unhealthy for some" (i. e.  children and elders should avoid any exertion)  by US standard... 
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