Wood Spoons in French

My brother T has moved in a new house, so I did a set of wordy wood spoons for his kitchen.

Ce jeu de mot (pas besoin de l'expliquer en Français!) était sur un cendrier dans la maison de ma grand-mère, je l'aime beaucoup :) This one is a play on words: one side says "I smoke, you smoke", the other side says "we used to be", taking advantage of the fact that the French conjugation makes "we used to be" look very similar to "we smoke" ("Nous Fumons") and look like a logical continuation of "you smoke". Our maternal grand-mother used to have an ashtray with this play of words, and I just felt like putting it on a spoon.

"A Coeur vaillant rien d'impossible": une expression suggérée par notre grand mere M, qui correspond bien a T et C :) This one says, in two steps, "to a courageous heart, nothing is impossible". It fits T and his wive C very well, as they attack seemingly impossible tasks with amazing resolution and courage, and achieves them armed with this fortitude.

"On deviens ce qu'on mange", une phrase qui m'a semblée approprié pour un ustencile de cuisine :) This one says that "we become what we eat", which I thought was appropriate for a kitchen ustencile :)

"L'amour c'est de pouvoir compter l'un sur l'aure, le desire c'est de pouvoir se surprendre l'un l'autre." Je l'ai laissé en Anglais parce que en Français, ça ne tenait pas sur la cuiller! This one is in English, even though C does not speak it well, because I found that the words were similar enough to skip the translation, and the English form was quite shorter!
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