Fever and Wordy Wood Spoons

Four days after coming back from my trip to Africa, I started showing some fever (40) and dizziness. We were worried about Malaria, it turned out "just" to be the flu, and I followed with 8 days of intense fever, constipation, tiredness and inability to think much. Hence I found some activities which did not require much thinking, such as doing some wood spoons for my mum, special command.

When I left France, my mum inherited a big bunch of wood spoons with my name written on it, because a room-mate kept stealing them from me and I kept buying new ones and etching them with my names. Several years ago (don't want to count), it seems that her reserve is reaching its end, and she asked for more.

Rather than just writing my name, I found more interesting to burn short quotes on it: this way you are served a random quote every time you cook. I had trouble finding sentences in French (my list of quotes collected over the year is mostly in English), so I decided on half English and half French, with one French quote coming from "Le Petit Prince".

The other French quote is a joke that cracks mi mum: "I know I have hypochondria, but I am getting treated for that too!", which sounded adequate in my feverish state, even if now I do not find it that funny!
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