Looking UP!SaharSahar Sahar laughingSahar taken by surpriseSahar smiling
Sara, a bit shySara, playing DJSara cookingSara, first picture of the evening, a bit surprised ;) Sara, from the other side of the room, with the 300mm
AlexandraAlexandra and lollypopAlexandraAlexandraAlexandraAlexandra
Je suis tres content des photos prises avec mon nouvel appareil photo! I am sooo happy of my new camera! Estoy tan feliz con mi nueva camera!
Quoi de plus naturel a la Saint Valentin que de prendre des photos de jolies filles? (Surtout quand elles aiment se faire prendre en photo!) What is more natural for Valentin day than taking pictures of cute girls? (Especially when they like to be taken in photography!)
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