[Recipe] Roses des Sables

For the nice girl who asked, the recipe for "Roses des Sables":
150g Corn Flakes
200g Butter
250g Dark Chocolate
100g to 200g of icing sugar.
Two pots fitting in each other (for Bain Marie)
A spatula (for using all the chocolate)
some big flat plate (apple pie mold is perfect)

Melt the Butter and Dark Chocolate in "Bain Marie", or any way which does not burn the chocolate. Add the sugar to the cornflakes and pour the mix of butter and chocolate. Mix it well so that all is dark. Let it get semi solid, then spoon the chocolated cord flakes into small heaps on a large flat plate. Let it cool 1h in the fridge, and put them in a nice metallic box.
Bon appetit!
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