[Book] Ulik's translation

I translated in english some passages from the book Ulik (see previous post, in October), for some people, because I would like them to think about it:
  • About Friends: - But don't they have families, friends who could listen to them and consolate them? (talking about the clients of a psychiatrist) - Hmmmm... Yes, sometime, they have some, but they can't always call on them. Here, in the cities, everybody is always in a hurry, so you can't accaparate your friends to tell them about your own misery. You would be afraid to lose them.
  • About desire, and looking strong: it is more difficult for a woman to love a man who does not look strong. That's what gives her desire. (Totally agree with that.)
  • About how men and women consider each other: While the women are looking for the perfect man, at once beautiful, rich and always available; the men dream about a cute lover, eternally young and clever. (...) I don't recognise myself in it, but it seems like a reasonable generalisation. And as long as Medias are showing naked beautiful women to sell yogurt and tie-and-suit muscular guys to sell deodorant, men and women will be alike in their urge to find the perfect mate.
  • About the new status of women: - I like your conclusion: "Give to men the will to protect you." But it is a bit too late. - Why? - Because now girls are raised a bit like boys: they are encouraged to be independant, which they manage rather well in fact.
  • About the new relations between men and women: Finally the relations between men and women have more changed in the last two hundred years than in the previous hundred thousand years before; it is not too surprising that we should still be a bit lost.
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