[Perso] I am a clown.

My new mask. I can juggle with it, and rollerblade and ice-skate (though it limits a bit my vision on the sides). Today was an artistic day. Waking up late because I hanged out late with some friends at a club/restaurant/pool called "The Flying Dog", I started the day etching two glasses. Took a break for breakfast, played some music, worked a bit on a paper I was asked to review, felt sleepy, went back to bed for two hours :) I finally went shopping on roller-blades, just to see if I could, and... Well the backpack was 12 kg when I came back and I was glad I didn't go unicycling :) I bought a Canadian cooking book, a few DVDs (Ghostbusters 1&2, Edward Scissorhands, The Adams Family), which I might use for an Halloween party, and a wonderful mask. I was thinking while rollerblading how I like to do things differently from other people, just for the pleasure of proving that things can be done otherwise. As in "you don't need a car to live here" :). It means also that sometimes I am wrong, or afraid that I might be proven wrong (Do you need to be "serious" to be a prof?), but most of the times it is exhilarating ;) An artistic day indeed!
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