[Fun] Me, the butterfly...

Face in the sun
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I remember a stupid time-travel story where hunters go to the time of dinosaurs, make a mistake, and come back to their time to find a much more cynical humanity. They then realize that they killed a beautiful butterfly in the past, the ancestor of those which would inspire humanity with poetry and art.

I feel like a butterfly when I am teaching, whether it is juggling, unicycling, music, or algorithms and mathematics; or even when I am passing people with my accordion or my unicycle and I make them smile. I could die any time, without children or "grand oeuvre" associated to my name, I would still be happy to have inspired many people with some of the essence of poetry, gameplay, joy of life.

On Saturday I organized a pizza party with a lot of playing with children and adults alike, teaching them how to make pizza, how to sculpt balloons and create levitating objects with magnets. On Sunday I went to the Waterloo Art Festival and met Jean, a beautiful young girl eager to learn unicycling: you can see her smile, she progressed very quickly!
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